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New Year's on the Bosphorus (Istanbul)
Afternoon at the Blue Mosque  (Istanbul)
Offering at Golgotha (Jerusalem)
Sunset from the Mount of Olives (Jerusalem)
Christmas at Nativity Square (Bethlehem)
Ancient Path to Masada
God Shines on Masada
The Dead Sea from Masada
Her People's Last Stand
Aloft Towards Masada
Petra Transit Authority
Carved City (Petra)
Merchant Family (Petra)
Street in Petra
Street in Luxor
Come Hither
Mummy Rappa
Solstice at Karnak
Tokapapi Stroll
Sultanahmet Winter (Istanbul)
Elsa the Bride
Ready to Shoot
The Faemont
Tide Pools
Riders at Sunset
Madona Sunrise
Gone Fishin' (Summer Palace)
Kwan Yin Temple (Summer Palace)
Hangin' out at the Lake (Summer Palace)
Tea Ceremony (Aman Summer Palace
Study with the Master (Aman Summer Palace)
Vertigo Muitanyu Style (Great Wall)
Dragon and Phoenix Gate of the Dead (Ming Tombs)
Offering to Ming Emperor (Ming Tombs
Offering Incense (Lama Temple -  Beijing)
Buddha for Sale (Outside Lama Temple - Beijing)
Market Run (Hutong Area - Beijing)
Million Doller Neighborhood (Hutong Area - Beijing)
Imperial Throne (Forbidden City)
Promenade of Emperors (Forbidden City)
Staff Parking (Forbidden City)
The Accidental Archeologist (Xian)
Archer and New Recruits (Xian)
Clay Onslaught (Xian)
Terra Cotta Shock Troops (Xian)
Kwan Yin Pusa (Xian)
Wild Good Pagota (Xian)
Water Taxi Dock (Binglingsi  Buddha Grottoes)
Big Sister-Little Sister Peaks (Binglingsi Buddha Grottoes)
Buddhas in a Cave II (Binglingsi Buddha Grottoes)
Buddhas in a Cave I (Binglingsi Buddha Grottoes)
Chinese Water Painting II (Yellow Rover - Lanzhou)
Chinese Water Painting I (Yellow River - Lanzhou)
Hotel of the Dunes (Dunhuang)
Park in the City of Apasaras (Dunhuang)
Looks Like Tatooine (Gobi Desert near Bezeklik)
Thousand Buddha Caves (Bezeklik)
Camels! (Gobi Desert near Bezeklik)
Man with a Plan (Toyoq)
Baby Mecca in the Ancient Village (Tuyoq)
Gaochang South Gate (Turpan)
Gaochang Taxi (Turpan)
Emin Minaret and Mosque (Turpan)
Jioache South Gate (Turpan)
Jiaoche City Plan (Turpan)
Model of Turpan Irrigation System (Turpan)
Urumqi Style (Urumqi)
Prospecting for Jade (Hotan)
Final Manufacture (Hotan)
Making the Weave (Hotan)
Drawing the Silk (Hotan)
Potter House (Kashgar)
Party Meeting (Kashgar)
Home Cookin (Kashgar)
Sleeping off the Heat (Kasgar)
Break-Time (Kasgar)
Sharpening a Cleaver (Kashgar)
Camel Ride at Apak Kojha Tomb (Kashgar)
Border Guardian (Torugart Pass)
Caravansari (Tash Rabat)
Common Area (Tash Rabat)
33 Parrots Pass (Son Kul Lake)
Reflecting Pools (Son Kul Lake)
Equine Sunset (Son Kul Lake)
Nomad Fishin (Son Kul Lake)
Nomad Four Wheel Drive (Son Kul Lake)
Burana Tower and Monuments (Tokmok City)
American University Student Orientation with Marx and Engles (Bishkek)
Changing of the Guard (Bishkek)
River in Kyrgyz Alatau Mountains (Bishkek)
Defender of the Faith (Toshkent)
Triple Ceresent (Toshkent)
A State of Functional Breakdown (Toshkent)
Christy of Arabia? (Ayaz Kala)
Fortress on the Borderlands (Ayaz Kala)
Morning Play (Khiva)
Morning Chores (Khiva)
Riding outside of Khiva
Soviet Style Living (Toshkent)
Breaking the Fast of Ramadan (Samarkand)
Shahi Zinda Ensemble Necropolis (Samarkand)
Gyz-Gala fortress (Merv)
Streetside Bakers (near Mary)
Ministry of Marriage Records (Ashgabat)
Soviet Style Building (Ashgabat)
Library at Amanruya (Bodrum)
Sunrise over the Bosphorus (Istanbul)
Hajia Sophia at Dawn (istanbul)
The Blue Mosque (Istanbul)
Grand Bazaar (Istanbul)
View from Topeki Palace (Istanbul)

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